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Questions about the server write speed

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  • Questions about the server write speed

    Hi, this is my first post in this forum. I apologize if any information I provide is not clear.

    I'm using PHPOC ethernet board for arduino and I'm currently building a web oscilloscope by using arduino to read signal and perform feedback. PHPOC board is used to build a web server such that I can check the signal through the web. The data is in the form of a string (e.g "1.0,2.2,5.0,8") with "," as delimiter, and are sent through websocket using server.write function provided by phpoc library.

    Is there a command that can control the speed of the transfer with server write?

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    Hello there,

    If you want to make a web oscilloscope with Arduino and PHPoC shield, you may refer to the project below:
    I am not sure I understand the question well.
    If you want to control the rate of sending data via WebSocket, you may use delay function on Arduino.



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      Hi....I got around 60 lines of information each second (like your arrangement). During that time, the Task Manager showed a got information pace of ~250kBit/s. That implies the 24kBytes each second brought about a crude information move pace of 2.4kBytes each second (10%).

      I affirmed the information by checking out the organization traffic with WireShark and the information document.

      WireSharks shows each solicitation is sent in a different bundle, there are numerous ACK TCP bundles send in the middle, and the worker sends HTTP OK parcels back.

      Your methodology is by all accounts essentially squandering a ton of information rate by sending pointless information for example GET, recieverdata.php, HTTP/1.0, User-Agent ...

      It looks to me like you need another convention. From what I suppose you are fundamentally calling website page joins and the worker makes a log document of the connections you called.


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        Hello there,

        As you can see on line 98, oscilloscope.php, the Oscilloscope project above employs WebSocket.
        For an application that has high-frequency messaging with small payloads like this, WebSocket is preferred.
        We think WebSocket connection has helped to reduce data overhead comparing to HTTP call.

        P/S: We are not sure about recieverdata.php, but it seems to us that the code you are using may be not the original one.