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PHPoC Debugger screenshot for help (Thank's Khanh)

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    Dear Khanh,

    here is the PHPoC Debugger Firm Log when I access to login.php page :

    [0108:22:17:06.805] pdb: VCP connected
    [0108:22:17:06.805] pdb: 'admin' login (02 00000000)
    [0108:22:17:14.922] php start init.php RUN
    [0108:22:17:14.926] php start task1.php RUN
    [0108:22:17:14.926] php: run next task0.php
    [0108:22:17:27.398] php start login.php RUN
    [0108:22:17:27.805] http_ws: http14 80 /login text.phpoc
    [0108:22:17:27.813] http: file not found favicon.ico
    [0108:22:17:27.813] php start missing.php RUN
    [0108:22:17:27.895] ssl: session 0 open
    [0108:22:17:27.965] ssl: accept first cert 1464 in cert_chain 2572
    [0108:22:17:28.059] ssl: enter to cipher state
    [0108:22:17:28.063] uart0: framing error 1524
    [0108:22:17:28.262] ssl: session 0 closed
    [0108:22:17:28.539] ssl: session 0 open
    [0108:22:17:28.609] ssl_recv_record: record too long: 8085 > 6144
    [0108:22:17:28.609] ssl: session 0 closed
    [0108:22:17:29.063] uart0: framing error 1536
    [0108:22:17:42.063] uart0: framing error 1540
    [0108:22:17:47.066] uart0: framing error 1543
    [0108:22:17:52.063] uart0: framing error 1547
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      Dear Stéphane Mancini

      Please do the following:
      • In Arduino code, change all HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/1.0
      • In Arduino code, find all Serial.println(response_hearder); and Serial.println(response_body);, uncomment them to see the response from Google.
      • In PHPoC Shield (via PHPoC Debugger), find file phpoc.ini -> in the line 28: ssl0_rxbuf_size = 6144 ; SSL recv buffer, change this line to: ssl0_rxbuf_size = 10024 ; SSL recv buffer
      • Reset Arduino and PHPoC Shield
      I hope it work


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        Hello Khanh,

        I have done everything you told me and unfortunately, we will no longer be able to discuss this subject because THE PROJECT IS WORKING now after changing buffer size

        THANK YOU very much for taking the time to answer me. I will be able to finalize my project using this one.

        Sincerely, Stéphane.

        PS : if one day you go through the south of France, don't hesitate to write to me and I will show you my project : BUGGY full options
        and soon photographer .

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          I am happy to hear these.

          You're welcome!

          I think that solving this problem helped us understand project in depth.

          Thank you for inviting me.
          I hope I have chance to visit your beautiful country some day,and see you .

          Have a nice day/night and stay safe!

          Best regards,