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Serious issues with RTC being BUSY

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  • Serious issues with RTC being BUSY

    Any time that there is code uploaded to the Arduino that uses the RTC (as in creating or using the DATETIME object to get date / time) the RTC clock hardware goes into a "Busy" state and you cannot perform a time sync from the built-in setup utility or any other web page.

    The full error is below:
    "PHP error: device or resource busy in file setup_time.php on line 5"

    *** This also occurs when I have uploaded the example code from PHPoc that deals with getting date & time too! ***

    If I flash other firmware into the Arduino that does NOT utilize the PHPoc Shield at all, I can access everything within Web Setup with no issues. This obviously would NOT be a solution in a product that I am developing.

    I know the documentation states that the date/time only needs to be set once, unless out of power for over 30 days draining the battery dead - BUT, this is also unacceptable due to my shield gaining about 1-2 minutes per week, and my product needs to be as exact as possible to real time. But, I can't perform a time sync from the web if there is code utilizing the PHPoc Shield on the Arduino!

    I also found that even if I were to figure out to get date/time from an NTP server using PHPoc, I could not update the RTC from the Arduino library!

    The ONLY way I can update the RTC without touching code running in Arduino is through the debugger, which is also not an option for any future users of my product!

    Is this a known issue & bug??

    Thanks in advance!

    John V.
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    Welcome to PHPoC Forum!

    Unfortunately, what you are facing is a limitation when using RTC on PHPoC Shield.
    If you access RTC through Arduino, the resource for RTC will be occupied, thus it is unable to access RTC via web at the same time.
    We will take this issue into account and inform you if there is any improvement.
    Stay tune!
    Thank you.


    • verstraete
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      Thank you for the quick reply. I hope there can be a solution - even the ability to perform an NTP server update through PHPoC from the Arduino would be great. Just an idea.

    • support
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      Noted! We always welcome all suggestions for our products.

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    Hello again.

    The RTC does not support multiple access. Its resource needs to be released before it can be accessed again.
    Unfortunately, the issue still remains with the current hardware version. We will keep this in mind for any future product release.

    Thank you and have a nice day.


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      Thank you for your response. I do appreciate good support even when the news is not so good.
      I'll attempt to see if I can figure out how to free the resource temporarily to synchronize the RTC before making it busy again within the Arduino code.


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        You're welcome!