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Problems getting Arduino to recognize PHPoC shield

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  • Problems getting Arduino to recognize PHPoC shield

    So i was working on an arduino project for a web based game. It looked simple enough and straightforward. However after setting up the shield I had issues.
    This is the original project page and I have my original post on this page as well. I upload the codes and i get the error
    log> sppc_spi: resync spi channel v2 ... failed
    log> phpoc_spi: resync spi channel v1 ... failed

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    Hi mate,
    Last time I got this issue, I solved the problem by updating to the latest firmware version.
    Just stack PHPoC shield on Arduino, supply power to Arduino, connect PHPoC shield to your PC via a micro USB cable, and use PHPoC Debugger to update new firmware.



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      Well there was an update to 1.5.0 which is the same as my arduino library version. However I still get the same two errors. Could it be my SPI library? I cant find that in the library manager list. Its SPI VFD or SPIFFSReadServer or some variation of SPI.
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        Unless you made any modification in the official library, otherwise I think SPI library is not likely the cause of this problem.

        I forgot to mention about PHPoC flash files. Not only firmware but also PHPoC flash files have been updated.
        Let's try again. Download, extract and then upload the new flash files to your shield:

        You can find the guideline for uploading flash files here:
        I have a strong belief that it will work this time.
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          Hello there,

          I am having the same issue while using plain PES-2602 with Arduino Uno and the example provided in PHPoC Expansion library.
          Do any of you know where is the problem?
          I am using:
          Arduino 1.8.10.
          PHPoC v 1.5.0
          PHPoC Expansion v1.0.0
          Ardiono Uno + PES-2602

          I have also tried all the IDs from 1 to 14, still the same issue.

          Thanks for any help


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            Are you using PHPoC Shield v1 or v2? If you are using PHPoC Shield v1, please make sure you update both firmware and flash file to version 1.5.0.

            You can follow this guide to update PHPoC Shield v1:

            If you run official example for PES-2602, the expansion ID should be set to 1.

            Also, make sure there is no physical issue with the connecting pins between Arduino and PHPoC Shield.

            Hope this helps.

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          I am not using any PHPoC Shield, just Uno + PES-2602. Maybe a silly question, is the Shield necessary for PES-2602 to work?


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            Good morning.

            Well, in this case, I think you also need a PHPoC shield 2 to make it work.
            PHPoC [WiFi] Shield 2 acts as a central hub, which receives the command from Arduino and forwards it to the smart expansion board. This allows users to stack and use up to 14 smart expansion boards with a single Arduino Uno or Mega board.

            Cited from PHPoC Website:

            Attention: The Smart Expansion board for PHPoC Shield needs to be stacked above a PHPoC [WiFi] Shield 2 (firmware version of 1.4.0 or above) in order to interface with Arduino.
            The solution is to get a PHPoC [WiFi] Shield 2.

            I hope the above is helpful.