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Accessing SD card from PHPoC

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  • Accessing SD card from PHPoC

    I am trying to find out how to access the SD card from a PHP page running on a PHPoC. I have information stored in a txt file on my SD card. I would like to either display what is in the txt file on the PHP page or link to the txt file that is on the SD card. I can do it if the txt file is stored on the PHPoC but I cant figure out how to get PHPoC to connect and read to its built in SD card.

    Alternately if I knew how to write to a txt file stored on the PHPoC would work just as well.

    Any help would be appreciated THANKS!

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    PHPoC Shield does NOT support to load directly file from SD via HTTP request.

    You can use the alternate method,
    - You can write/upload txt file or any kinds of files on PHPoC Shield though PHPoC Debugger.
    - You can NOT write/upload any kinds of files on PHPoC Shield through Arduino.

    Another way, Arduino reads text file from SD card and send it to Browser via WebSocket.


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      You can also use Arduino to read text file from SD card and print it to Serial. From web browser, you can access a built-in web application, called "Web Serial Monitor", to see the data