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De-energize Stepper Motor via php.

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  • De-energize Stepper Motor via php.

    I have a stepper motor running on a phpoc black board and PES-2405 stepper controller. I was looking at the documentation today and found controls for starting/stopping the motor. Lots of controls for motor settings. I could not find anything to cut power completely to the motor.

    Are there any commands to cut power to the stepper? I know steppers heat up while resting so I'd like the option to turn them off when not in use.

    Would setting the current value to 0 work?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello there.

    As I know, "VREF" parameter is for setting limitation of the current. In case it is set to 0, the current supplied is supposed to be limited to 0.
    So, please try to set the value as below and check again if the current supplied is different than zero or not:

    spc_request_dev(STEPPER_SID, "set vref stop 0");
    spc_request_dev(STEPPER_SID, "set vref drive 0");
    spc_request_dev(STEPPER_SID, "set vref lock 0");

    where STEPPER_SID is is SPC ID of your PES-2405.

    Feel free to let me know if the issue still happens.
    Thank you.