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Power Connection Issue My PhPoC WIFI Sheidl R1 board

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  • Power Connection Issue My PhPoC WIFI Sheidl R1 board

    I bought the Board this week. I have found 2 issues.

    first, I plugged in the power with micro USB on the PHPoc board but power never on (the image attached)
    But if I plug on the Arduino board and attach to the PhPoc board, it will power on.
    second, when I power on the Arduino board, I don't get the port for PHPoc. only COM 3 for Arduino.

    It could be my board problem or I don't know how to use it yet.

    I hope anyone know how to fix the problem so that I would like to use it soon.

    Thank you

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    Dear Taewhan Park.
    The issues you described are normal.
    • Micro USB can not be used to power Arduino + PHPoC WiFi Shield. To power for Arduino + PHPoC WiFi Shield, you need to power via USB port on Arduino or power jack on Arduino.
    • Micro USB on PHPoC WiFi Shield is used to upload new firmware or custom web app on PHPoC WiFi shield. This micro USB port can only recognize by PHPoC Debugger program, not Arduino IDE. If you only program for Arduino, just ignore this port. If you want to upload new firmware or new web app for PHPoC WiFi shield, see this instruction
    If you have any further question, please feel free to comment here.

    Best regards,