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Question P4M-400 firmware update without phpoc IDE

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  • Äaren Lee
    Hi support,
    yes, that's right, I was not even aware of that... :O
    I'm looking forward to it

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  • support
    Hello Äaren Lee,

    Firstly, I would like to make clearer a thing.
    The code you write is the script code. It will not be complied. When the code is uploaded on PHPoC. PHPoC interprets it in real-time.
    You can also pack all the code files into a single file, called POC file (.poc)

    You can upload this file to PHPoC by using PHPoC Debugger (IDE) or an other tool, called "PHPoC writer".
    PHPoC writer is a special tool for uploading code and firmware.

    However, this tool is under development and testing period.
    We will inform you when it is released.

    Best regards,

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  • Äaren Lee
    started a topic Question P4M-400 firmware update without phpoc IDE

    Question P4M-400 firmware update without phpoc IDE


    im currently still a student and i've been wondering for a while, if there's any way to update (as an example) the p4m-400 board ?
    Only with my own compiled source code that i've developed.
    Without using the phpoc IDE, because the (customer) does not need them.
    How like it works with ST-elektronik DfuSe tool !
    So that the (customer) can update his product with my compiled files, and a small exe.

    Has SOLLAE SYSTEMS planned this for their products ?

    Best Regards