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Want to combine two PHPoC projects !

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  • Want to combine two PHPoC projects !

    i want to combine the mentioned PHPoC projects

    Controlling Pan Tilt:

    Grove Camera PHPoC:

    I simply jumped into pleasure, but after a few hours I did not see any sense to continue ...
    My question is, how do I implement such a project, what's the best way to do it?
    And can I use only one websocket for camera & servo movement ?

    Best Regards

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    Hello Äaren Lee,

    You can use the same web-socket for both camera and servo. Data Camera is from PHPoC to Web. Servo Data is from Web to PHPoC.
    They go in different direction. Therefore, we do not need to worry about it.
    Even if data go in the same direction (in other project), we can insert command in each message to distinguish the originator of data
    There is a similar project here, but for PHPoC Shield:
    You can reuse the this web user interface.


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      Hi IoT-lover,

      ok thats nice
      I have not seen the project yet, thank you !
      I will see what can be made of it.