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Bluetooth HM-10 in projects used?

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  • Bluetooth HM-10 in projects used?

    At the moment I am experimenting with the BLE HM-10 sensor: a very energy efficient option for controlling, even if you are already online via WiFi.
    I've reviewed your tutorials, but have not found an example. Is it possible to set with and turn on the internal LED with "on"?
    I enclose an Arduino example code:

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    Hello there,
    I don't know which PHPoC device you are referring to, but I assume that you are using PHPoC Shield with Arduino in your experiment. I think there would be no problem if you want to use those functions. You just need to include the required Arduino library.
    P/S: I am not quite sure I fully understand the article. I only know two German words, Danke and Guten tag . But I tried with Google translate tho.