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    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to PHPoC and hardware. But I wanted to build a multiple locker system using PHPoC. What's the possible ways this can be done. A 12v lock and a webpage to put codes or passwords that would open each locker connected via a relay board. Is this possible with PHPoC? Also is there any way of setting up a local db in PHPoC that would receive data using cron or some sort of scheduler (if that is possible on PHPoC ) to pull data from db. The response could be json formatted and then I use php to input the data into the local db. Would also be able to send data back to online server db.
    what do you think can be done and not ?
    Please I really i need support. I thought I'd ask first before buying the boards so as to know if there is a solution with PHPoC.

    Can PHPoC send information to raspberry Pi to open locks using the php directly and if the local db is in rasberry pi (assuming localdb is not possible on PHPoC standalone) can it be synced to receive information from PHPoC?
    what I'm trying to see here is if I could build a complete local web app on PHPoC instead of using or writing any sort of python or local software program.

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    Hello opheus,

    You can refer to this project


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      You can store the information in Flash memory of PHPoC


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        You can store data to MySQL: please refer to
        Of course you can read data from MySQL on your PC or in Raspberry pi
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          If i understand correctly, all of your requirement can be done with PHPoC.
          If you have any further question, please feel free to comment here.
          If you want to use a web-based keypad instead of pattern password, you can refer to remote_keypad.php in this link