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New to this and arduino have a couple general question

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  • New to this and arduino have a couple general question

    Love the combination of the arduino mega2560 and phpoc boards working together so far, I have so far only tested the pan/tilt tutorial and love it. My question is what if any of the files, built in apps can be removed without causing functional issues to make room for more of my own code? I would like to keep network setup function and what ever else is required. Thanks Chad

    after further searching and reading I believe I found the answer to my own question in

    "Which file is mandatory

    If the application includes code that need to run in system loop, the init.php file is mandatory. This file is run when PHPoC device is powered or reset. It is mainly used to tell PHPoC system run which files in system loop.
    If the application does NOT include code that need to run in system loop, no file is mandatory."
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    Hi there,

    The article above is for general PHPoC product. In your case, I think you are talking about PHPoC Shield for Arduino.
    For PHPoC Shield, besides the common system files, there are some files to make PHPoC Shield communicate with Arduino, and some files required for web-based setup function.
    Those files shouldn't be removed.

    If you need more space, you can remove some built-in web apps that you don't usually use. That won't affect the system. For example:
    - Web Remote Push: remote_push.php
    - Web Remote Pad: remote_pad.php
    - Web Remote Slide: remote_slide.php
    - Web Serial Monitor: serial_monitor.php
    - Web Serial Plotter: serial_plotter.php

    IMHO, if your board is connected to the Internet, you can try to put your application's media files (JS, CSS) in CDNs.
    That will reduce the required space for your app on PHPoC Shield

    P/S: You can find the full source code for PHPoC Shield 2 here, and for PHPoC Shield here, in case you want to recover any file.
    Hope that helps.