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Web, Where is Client-side Code Stored.

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  • Web, Where is Client-side Code Stored.

    Source code of web app (web application or webpage) includes server-side code and client-side code.

    Server-side code and client-side code may be placed in the same file.

    When Web Browser (Web client) accesses web apps:
    • Web Browser makes HTTP request to Web Server.
    • Web Server loads source code files.
    • Web Server finds server-side code in the files and interpret it. (When interpreting, Web Server may change/add/update some content of client-side code)
    • Web Server return client-side code in the files to Web Browser.
    • Web Browser interprets client-side code.
    So, client-side code is stored on web server but is run on web client

    In embedded web application, web server is on the embedded devices. PHPoC is one of the devices that has Web Server.
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