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How to Access Web Apps on PHPoC

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  • How to Access Web Apps on PHPoC

    After writing and uploading source code of Web Apps to PHPoC devices, to access web apps (web application or web page), we just need:
    • Open a web browser on your PC, table or smart phone.
    • Type IP address of PHPoC followed by "/" and file name on address bar of web browser,
    For example, IP address of PHPoC is, and you want to access my_file.php, you need to type: or

    In case of my_file.php is index.php, you can ignore file name. You just need to type or (index.php is called by default)

    Note that, in case of using private IP address, you can access web apps if your PC, table or smart phone connect to the same LAN/WLAN as PHPoC devices. If you want to access web apps from outside of your LAN/WLAN, you need to do "port forwarding" on your router or Access Point. This is nature of Internet

    If your PHPoC has a domain name, you can replace IP address with the domain name.

    If you do NOT know IP address of PHPoC, see How to Know IP Addess of PHPoC.
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