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When Paper Shredder is fulfilled by paper trash, Arduino notifies someone via Gmail that paper trash is full and it should be taken out.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to detect the fullness of Paper Shredder and send a notification via Gmail using Arduino Uno.

I made this tutorial for beginners! It is really easy!!!

Let's get started!


Detecting the Fullness of Paper Shredder

Ultrasonic Sensor - HC-SR04 is used to detect the fullness of Paper Shredder. When the distance between sensor and paper trash is below a threshold, Paper Shredder is considered to be full.

Handling Event

In this project, when an event occurs, a notification is sent via Gmail.

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1. Stack PHPoC Shield on Arduino
2. Connect LAN cable or USB wifi Dongle to the shield for Ethernet

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3. Wiring Diagram between Arduino and Sensor.

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Arduino Source Code

#define PIN_TRIG 5
#define PIN_ECHO 6
#define BIN_HEIGHT 20 // maximum containable height of bin in centimeters

#include "SPI.h"
#include "Phpoc.h"

long ultrasonicGetDistance();
boolean dustbinSendGmail();

PhpocEmail email;
boolean isSent = false;

void setup() {
 pinMode(PIN_ECHO, INPUT);

 Phpoc.begin(PF_LOG_SPI | PF_LOG_NET | PF_LOG_APP);


void loop() {
 long distance = 0;
 // read 10 time and get average value to eliminate noises
 for(int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
  long temp = 0;
   temp = ultrasonicGetDistance();
  while(temp > BIN_HEIGHT);

  distance += temp;
 distance /= 100;

 Serial.println(" cm");

 if(distance <= 5)
   Serial.println("Dustbin is almost full");
   isSent = dustbinSendGmail();
 else if(isSent && distance > 8) // avoid send alot of email when the distance is oscillated around 5cm
  isSent = false;


long ultrasonicGetDistance(){
 long duration, distance;
 digitalWrite(PIN_TRIG, LOW);
 digitalWrite(PIN_TRIG, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(PIN_TRIG, LOW);
 duration = pulseIn(PIN_ECHO, HIGH);
 distance = (duration/2) / 29.1;
 return distance;

boolean dustbinSendGmail(){
 // setup outgoing relay server -
 email.setOutgoingServer("", 587);
 email.setOutgoingLogin("your_login_id", "your_login_password");

 // setup From/To/Subject
 email.setFrom("from_email_address", "from_user_name");
 email.setTo("to_email_address", "to_user_name");

 email.setSubject("Your dustbin is almost full");

 // write email message
 email.println("Location: Planet Earth.");
 email.println("Your dustbin is almost full.");
 email.println("Prepare to through it out.");


 // send email
 if(email.send() > 0)
  Serial.println("Email send ok");
  return true;
  Serial.println("Email send failed");
  return false;