a. The plants are watered with the mini water pump.
b. A relay is required because the mini water pump operates DC 8V ~ 12V.

a. PHPoC Blue(P4S-342)

a. Mini water pump
b. Relay

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<title>PHPoC / <?echo system("uname -i")?></title>
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Mini pump<br>



include_once "/lib/sd_340.php";

define("OUT_PIN", 0);

uio_setup(0, OUT_PIN, "out");

if(($led0 = _GET("led0")))
if($led0 == "low")
uio_out(0, OUT_PIN, LOW);
uio_out(0, OUT_PIN, HIGH);

if(uio_in(0, OUT_PIN) == LOW)
echo "<a href='index.php?led0=high'><img src='button_push.png'></a><br>\r\n";
echo "State : OFF\r\n";
echo "<a href='index.php?led0=low'><img src='button_pop.png'></a><br>\r\n";
echo "State : ON\r\n";